Beginning in 2015, Little Pip Digital has been providing social media consultancy for TLC focused on some of the channel’s biggest shows. Our role is to work with the in-house digital team to maximise the impact of their campaigns and manage campaigns for US acquisitions Devious Maids and Mistresses, both ABC Studios productions, and flagship original programme Jodie Marsh Is…

Utilising the channel’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, we worked closely with TLC to craft campaigns and make best use of the assets available. Alongside regular messaging we created image and video assets to ensure the best possible reach and engagement from viewers.

Our work across the three shows accounted for a significant share of the channel’s social activity and engagement per week with viewers utilising the hashtags we were implementing to talk about the shows.

For all of the campaigns we:

  • Created messaging schedules
  • Created branded image assets
  • Cut video clips to be used in messaging
  • Provided reporting on performance weekly and at the end of each project
  • Live tweeted from the brand’s channels during the broadcast of the shows
  • Carried out social listening to engage with key conversations